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About Us


Alvin Broussard, Founder/Owner


Founded in 2015, TruBBQ was born as the result of a lifelong passion, that started with my beloved father, and was passed on to me. As a young boy, I watched the joy and enthusiasm on my dad's face as he spent countless hours prepping, seasoning and grilling all types of meats...and of course, there was the constant dancing during the cooking and the big, joyous celebration at the end. It was a wonderful, fun time for me and an experience with him that planted a genuine love for cooking in my heart.


At TruBBQ, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with barbecue that tastes the way true barbecue should taste...FREE OF SAUCE!!! Of course we offer our special homemade sauce on our hamburgers, links and sandwiches...but not on our smoked grilled meats. The point is that we prep and season the meats properly where there's no need for sauce. We at TruBBQ want our customers and clients to 'Savor the Flavor'!













My father, my brother and I have collectively been in the barbecuing for years! My baby brother was finally realizing his dream to capitalize on his barbecue skills by purchasing and starting a food truck company. But he never saw it come to fruition...being tragically killed in 2020...eleven years after our father, Alvin Sr., our 'barbecue king', who died of cancer in 2009.


Yes, the barbecue DNA runs through my veins as I strive to hold fast to the passion, the enthusiasm and the joy of cooking that has been lovingly passed on to me. My brother had purchased a GSTack pit, that he left to my beloved brother-in-law, Lebert...who lovingly donated it to me to honor Joel's legacy. I want to thank him, my sister, Karona and Joel's lovely wife, Angie for their support and for this kind gesture. 

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